She is sure coming out of her shell and personality is definitely a quirky, although pretty laid back, one.
Her and Daisy have only gotten closer.  Found out she loves tearing apart balled up wrapping paper.  Ha ha.
We took her to BC to see Shaun’s family over the holidays and she travelled very very well.  Slept the whole way.  Did well at the inlaws place as well.  They have a massive dog (Newfie) and they got along great.
She still sleeps lots but wanders around exploring a lot more than in the beginning.  She has great muscle mass in her back legs now and has lost a few pounds.  The vet is extremely happy with her progress and development.  We have a long term plan of saving up some money to have her other eye removed to avoid complications in the future.
She’s learned what no, lay down and sit mean.  She’s only had a couple of accidents in the house.
We are extemely proud of her and very happy to have her in our lives.  She sure is a Daddu’s suck though. LOL.
Christina, Shaun, Casey and Daisy