Thank you so much for looking into adoption for your next pet through a shelter! You have reached reception through the office of Central Animal Services and unfamiliar with the current K-9 residents but can certainly help process you forward to both meeting with shelter dogs of interest and an adoption consultant familiar with the current K-9 residents.
To help us make the biggest difference, with the very limited resources available to the shelter, please review this email to address any questions you may have.
Should information be requested which has been covered here, it may be ascertained that the time wasn’t taken to read through the information as, STEP 1 and an inquiry not processed forward.
ABOUT US We are a non- government or otherwise non- funded private shelter operating out of an actual Centralized Shelter Facility, located in Lacombe Alberta. We are run primarily by a small group of dedicated volunteers with a shared mission to put ourselves, as an animal shelter, out of business through promotion of responsible pet ownership! We are now celebrating our 18th year of successful operations as a “NO KILL SHELTER”.
ADOPTABLE ANIMALS The individual profiles of each adoptable resident are reflective of their current adoption status (Adoptable/Adopted/ Found/Hold) and can be found on our website, Each customized profile is updated with current video, pictures and descriptions as they are collected. If the information you seek is not printed in the animal description, unfortunately, WE DO NOT HAVE IT TO OFFER 😦
STEP 1 Please read this INFORMATIONAL in its entirety and if you find your interest remains proceed to step two.
STEP 2 Submit a COMPLETE ( include all 3 reference e-mail addresses) PRE-CONSULT APPLICATION by a scan and send to us through the link is provided through our website
STEP 3 We encourage you to take the initiative to stop in during open hours or  SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT to visit the shelter, both to meet and make your own assessments of the individual dogs. You will find all applicable information available for review on our website prior to your visit @ This includes, the terms of adoption, after adoption support services, boarding, training, and contact information. We operate by appointment so that we may be available for both daytime and evening appointments most days of the week. Unfortunately considering its nature, rescue work is not a customer services industry. We operate with very limited resources as such they are allocated to make the biggest difference in the numbers of lives saved. We do not have the resources to do phone or e-mail consultations. Scheduling of shelter appointments are done by an offsite volunteer who is most likely unfamiliar with the animals in the shelter. This is done through E-MAIL ONLY. We encourage serious and prepared adoption candidate to demonstrate the initiative to schedule a consultation visitation appointment to visit with an adoption councillor that is familiar with the animals and best able to facilitate this process. This process also helps establishes the degree of commitment and pre-preparation a potential adopter may or may not yet have, as both are required to provide responsible pet ownership and becomes one of the first steps of the adoption screening.
STEP 4 VISIT the shelter dog viewings are held at the K-9 Country Orphanage, as well as offsite via our mobile adoption center and events will be posted on our website in advance. The directions to the shelter are also posted on our website for your review. Please remember you do require a confirmed appointment to attend outside of open hours, though you are ever so welcome and the K-9 Orphans will be excited to meet you.
STEP 5 ADOPTIONS are based on a first come first served basis and at the discretion of the adoption facilitator. We recognize each potential adopters have their own very specific criteria for pet ownership, lifestyles, unique situations, needs and that ultimately must be responsible for the decision to adopt. The shelter staff’s experience and opinions of the shelter dogs are uniquely their own perspectives and are often speculative. In consideration, of the inherent unknowns of adoption that animal shelter adoption is not for everybody. Animal acquisition, of any sort, especially adoption through a rescue kennel facility, requires a large amount of flexibility, dedication, financial commitment and continued education, and behavior modification. More so even then animal shelter program that utilizes foster care homes, as in such a situation the shelter representatives or foster families are able to observe an animal in a home environment and may be able to better share their particular experience as to how an animal has related and behaved in their home. This being said an animal’s behavior may differ drastically in different situations and environments. Just as we are a product of conditioning and are past and are unique, so are our furry friends and as such unconditional love is on order, for shelter adoption. Too often, the challenges of shelter adoption bring former adopter to return animals to the shelter, all the while, misplacing blame either on the animal or the shelter staff.
Adoption fees are on a cost recovery bases and are included in each individual profile. The following are the market value for procedures performed;
General Health exam – $95 Vaccinations $180 Spay/neuter $350-$700 Dental $500- $1800 K-9 daily board fee – $20/day
An adoption fee ends up saving you money! Shelters and rescue groups usually cover initial veterinary costs to prepare the pet for a new home. We have found that potential adopters, that do not understand the costs associated with the procedures provided to the dogs upon admission to the shelter or are unwilling to accept the cost associated with adoption, are not yet, in a place to provide the care an animal will require on an ongoing basis. As well as the costs associated with operating out of an actual Kennel facility opposed to a foster home based rescue program. In addition, please review the Cost of Responsible Pet Ownership, as considering financial commitments, for a life time is crucial prior to adoption. ** If you were to pay a similar fee for an animal through a breeder or pet store, you may be neglecting a pet in need, as well as possibly supporting intentional breeding, that when done irresponsibly, has led to an over population and suffering of pets.
With this information if you consider yourself like-minded and wish to proceed with the exploration of this adoption option please request and submit the pre-adoption consultation application and we would be more than happy to move forward with the process of scheduling a visit to the CARES K-9 Country Orphanage to visit the adoptables and meet with an Adoption Consultant.