Before you get in touch, please ensure that your question is not already answered on our FAQ or elsewhere on our website. Email is the best way to contact us, as, unfortunately,  we do not  have the available man power to respond to individual phone inquiries. We operate based almost solely on volunteers, so please be patient in seeking an email response.

ALL visits to our centralized facility, whether they be for donation deliveries, adoption appointments or follow up visits, must be both  scheduled and confirmed in advance unless you are visiting during Open Hours. As we rely on volunteers to operate our facility, we simply don’t have the resources to offer regular business hours. Our volunteers spend so much of their day taking care of the dogs, facilities and communications work, that there simply isn’t enough time to dedicate to each and every person who wants to drop by. By requiring people to make an appointment or visit during open hours, our volunteers can dedicate their time to providing the best care possible to our dogs. That being said, we love introducing people to their new forever friend, and all we ask is that you send us over an email ahead of time to schedule an available appointment.

The best way to schedule an appointment is via email or the form below.



1070 South Ave (at Cabana Pet Resort)
Leduc County, Alberta

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Cares K9 Adoption Option


Cares K9 Adoption Option


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