Central Animal Services is proud to be the host of Central Animal Rescue Efforts Shelter (CARES) Canada K9 Country Orphanage. CARES is a  privately  animal shelter founded in 1997. Based in Lacombe, Alberta, we are proud to be a no kill shelter, just as we have been since the very beginning.

At CARES, our mission is to put ourselves out of business through promotion of responsible pet ownership, as well as population control initiatives such as spaying and neutering all of our adoptable dogs prior to their re-homing. We have seen a drastic decrease in stray and abandoned animals in Central Alberta over the last few years, and our goal is to continue to decrease these numbers until it is no longer a problem at all.

Until such a time comes, we are privileged to be able to partner with Central Animal Services, to operate on 6 acres of highway frontage, located just 1km outside of Lacombe city limits. The large enclosures and non-traditional housing on the property allow us to commit to long term care and rehabilitation when required, as is often needed in order to successfully re-home previously discarded or “temperament” animals. Many of our dogs were previously labeled as unadoptable, but after time and a commitment to care and rehabilitation, they go on to be successfully re-homed into their new forever families.

At the current time, we offer animal placement services to public and private pound and high kill shelters, and breed rescue organizations in both Canada and, when space allows, the United States. Additionally, in an effort to help support our rescue operations, we run a small pet supply shop on location in Lacombe. We also provide an owner surrender service to provide pet owners with an option to euthanasia.

Post-adoption support services, including training, dog obedience classes and boarding can be provided by the experienced and knowledgeable K9 Team at Central Animal Services. Services such as these help to facilitate the specific needs of rescue dogs (and their owners), as well as provide nurturing for the continued rehabilitation of a former shelter dog.

As CARES is not publicly funded, we operate on a user pay system, meaning our adoption and surrender fees fuel the shelter. Donations are graciously accepted and make a meaningful impact on the lives of so many animals.

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