Adding to your family is a big responsibility that should not be taken lightly, and adopting a rescue dog adds to the challenges of introducing a new dog to your home. With this in mind, we want to ensure that all of our dogs go to stable, loving, nurturing forever homes with pet owners who know what they are getting into, and appreciate the added challenge and investment required with a rescue dog.

There are many things for potential adopters to consider when looking at dog adoption, along with the many things that our CARES team needs to consider in re-homing our dogs. In general, we are looking for potential adopters to be understanding, patient, well-researched and like-minded individuals. We are looking for potential adopters who are willing to invest the time, money and love that is necessary with their rescue dog, in order to ensure that they are able to thrive in their new environment.

As we are an almost solely volunteer based organization, our resources are limited and we have to utilize what we have, to the best of our abilities. That being said, we are not and have never claimed to be a customer service driven organization. Our resources go to supporting our animals, and we are looking for potential adopters who understand and respect that. We are seeking potential adopters who don’t see our extremely efficient operations as a lack of customer service or attention, but rather as an ingrained dedication to the animals that we save.

If you are just beginning your research about pet adoption, we strongly encourage you to do extensive research prior to getting in touch with us. The more prepared and educated you are prior to meeting with us, the more comfortable we will be in considering your application for adoption.

If you currently have a dog that you would like to introduce to your newest family member prior to completing the adoption, there are a few considerations that we ask you to keep in mind.

  1. Dogs have a pack mentality and as such, the newest member of your pack will need to be integrated with your current one. Over time, dogs will come to accept and love one another, but it should be the human’s choice of who will be added to the pack, not the current dogs’ choice. Of course if there is an extreme reaction to one another, that is not a position we want to put our dogs or yours, into.
  2. As part of our adoption process, we require that you complete all procedural steps as per usual, prior to introducing your current pet with your new one. This is due to a variety of reasons, one of which being that it is a lot of added stress and germs to regularly introduce to our adoptable dogs if you aren’t sure about proceeding with the adoption anyways.

As all dogs are different and have different requirements, some dogs will be available for adoption immediately, some will be available for pre-adoption (available once they have had the necessary procedures completed by our vet) and some dogs will be available to submit an application for consideration. We ask that you please respect that we will always choose the best option for the dog, rather than trying to please the humans.

Please note that all potential adopters must be at least 18 years of age and they must own their own home or have landlord permission to have a pet living with them. Additionally, we will not begin adoption consultation or respond to questions until a Pre-Adoption Consultation Application has been completed and submitted.