At CARES, our priority is and will always be our animals, so their needs will always take priority over a potential adopters’ needs and wants. The following process will be followed assuming each preceding step has a positive outcome.

CARES is a rescue run by volunteers and a few staff with families, pets, jobs, and busy lives just like you, but we do the best we can to provide the following efficient and effective process:

  1. Independently, complete extensive research about pet ownership, rescue dog adoption, dog breeds and the general welfare and care of dogs.
  2. Give our website a thorough read through, including our FAQ section, and take a look at our Adoptable Dogs page to see who really speaks to your heart.
  3. Download our STEP 2 – PRE-CONSULT APPLICATION , complete it and send it in to us for our review. At this time, you may also be in touch about scheduling an appointment at our centralized facility in Lacombe, to meet the dog you are interested in. Alternatively drop in during open hours, check out our events page for a list of open hour days! Please note, at our adoption appointments we allow a MAXIMUM of two dogs to be viewed per appointment. If you find yourself drawn to more than two dogs, please consider doing further research to ensure you know what you’re looking for in a dog.
  4. Attend our posted open hours or your scheduled adoption appointment to get to know your new potential forever friend! Volunteers typically wait for 15minutes past the agreed arrival time before considering the adoptive candidates a “No Show” Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment and should you find you need to cancel your appointment please advise via e-mail a minimum of two hours in advance.
  5. Complete and submit the Adoption Contract along with full payment for adoption fees, we accept cash or debit payment on site.
  6. If applicable, introduce your current dog to your new one, to ensure they will become a compatible pair. The signed Adoption Contract will be contingent upon the dogs getting along. Please note that it is our belief at CARES that the humans should be the ones to pick the newest addition to the family, not your current dog. That said, we absolutely want to make sure that the newest addition will be a good fit with the entire family. Please see our Adoption Considerations page for additional information about our stance on introducing your current pet with your new one.

In order to ensure we find the best possible homes for our dogs, the following should be noted: CARES volunteers and staff have sole discretion on stopping or proceeding with your adoption consultation and application. Throughout the adoption process, if you ask questions that have already been answered in our adoption documents or website, this may be taken as an indicator that you are not ready to adopt through the CARES Canada K9 Country Orphanage having not taken the initiative to read the information.