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Charlie at home!

Update on Ginger/Daisy

We adopted Ginger in late May. She was super shy when we first brought her home. She obviously was used as a bait dog as she was covered in scars, broken teeth etc. We decided to change her name to Daisy. We figured a new name for a new life. When we got home she was super scared and didn’t want to get out of the truck. After a few minutes and some coaxing from my other pit she came out and sniffed around. Within an hour or so she would crawl up on my lap and lick my face. It took some time but now she plays with the other dogs. We have 3 other dogs, another pit, Shepard cross, a teacup yorkie and she gets along great with all of them. She is truly the most affectionate, gentle, loving dog I’ve ever had. Her favorite thing are rides in the truck and cuddling on the couch. She is a true sweetheart.
I’d like to thank CARES for taking our dog out of a terrible situation and putting her in our home.

Braumley at home!

Braumley home

Braumley home 2


     She’s doing very well! We’ve renamed her Luna, and she’s settling in nicely! She’s so quiet and sweet, she’s found her favourite spots in the house to nap, and is slowly but surely getting more confident. One of our biggest struggles has been gaining confidence on the leash, but since we’ve found a harness that she likes, she’s walking like a champ! Her and Wally have also bonded quite nicely. He loves her and always needs to know where she is. It’s very sweet to watch! She’s yet to have any “accidents” in the house, and is such a smart girl. We love her!


He’s doing really good! He’s been so happy 🙂

Ginger is doing excellent. We call her Daisy now. New life, new name we figured. She is getting along great with all of our dogs. She loves to cuddle and is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had
Ginger 1

It has been 6 days since I brought Lilac home, although we have changed her name to Birdie. She is really getting comfortable now. She is making all kinds of new human and dog friends. I have been taking her to work with me and everyone in the office loves her! Also, she and her new sister Paisley are starting to bond.
She is doing great on a leash (harness only, not so much with a collar), fantastic off leash at the dog park, and she even knows how to fetch!
Birdie is being spoiled rotten, and she’s a fantastic new addition to the family!
Thanks for connecting me with my new buddy!
Aleena Pawlik

we adopted tekira renamed Radar because of her adorable huge ears. She has a loving human sister and they have spent time together while we were on vacation. My Radar Fedumecarnio..I love my adoptive parents and their family and friends. I have met a few other dogs in the park and sometimes I am a little shy but my giveaway wagging tail lets them know that very soon I will be ready to play. My parents give me only the best and healthiest of food and treats. Guess what?..I get to sleep with them! I have a big back yard to run and play in.I have learned to heel..fetch…sit..stay..wait..I am so darn smart and cute. I have a beautiful collar that has little jeweled dogs on it and lots of toys and a couple of sweaters for cold weather. I really hope that all pets find loving forever homes like mine! Oh yes..I have a buddyrider too and I can go for rides on the bicycle with my mom and dad. I will send along some pics. Thank u for taking the time to read my story.

Good afternoon,
My name is Lisa and my husband and I adopted Lemmy (formally known as Tonto) from CARES just over a year ago and we just wanted to send a quick update.
Lemmy has turned into a fun and very entertaining little guy. He loves his new brother, so much so that he has to have his doggy house right beside his brothers for bedtime or he gets a little upset. Lemmy likes to spend his days in the sun or watching movies. Like most dogs Lemmy has decided he really does not like the mail man and has made it his goal to make that clear every Thursday at 7pm when he drops off the weekly flyer. We were beyond surprised when we found out that Lemmy is a very smart (and stubborn) little guy and he has learned a few new tricks that he will happily show you for hours as long as he gets cookies and scratches. Despite his health issues he is thriving and enjoys his new family.
March 2018
Missy (nee Circe) is adapting as well as can be expected. She has found her “safe” place behind our couch, so we have set up a bed, water and some food there for her. She mostly hangs out there. We are giving her her space (no talk, no touch, no look) and she is starting to relax. We only disturb her to take her outside. She is still running from us but when cornered remains submissive and allows us to take her leash. I’m so excited to report that it’s only been 24 hrs and she is already starting to walk a bit while on the leash! She’s going to be amazing when she comes out of her shell. Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of bringing her home.
Cori and Lorrie

Clementine being a cutie!

Hey Cares!

Thanks so much for the email and the opportunity to adopt Pip!
He is doing well and settling in great. He is slowly getting used to my cat, they have their differences but with some positive reinforcement and supervised time together, we are making progress! Pip absolutely loves car rides and squeak toys. He will spin around in circles and wag his tail like crazy until you throw it for him. Absolutely adorable; he has stole my heart!
I’ll attach some pictures of his first day at home and we will keep you guys updated in the years to come!
Have a great day and we will talk soon 😁
Randy and Pip Pip at home

Carbon being spoiled at home!

Carbon with cat

Takira, now Radar, at home!

Buster loving being home with his family!
Buster at home

Wanted to send you an update on Dom since we have now had him for a few months.
We adore him! He is slowly but surely coming out of his shell and becoming more comfortable with us and affectionate. He lets us pet him sometimes. Him and Shadow my other dog are the best of friends and they are always together. They play with each other tons, and we often catch them cuddling on the couch.
He is very timid on walks, but doing much better each time we go!
He’s overall fairly quiet, he is very well behaved. He occasionally has accidents in the house, but only when it’s really cold outside.
He’s gained a bit of weight which is what the vet wanted at his check up and his hair is growing and coming in a bit healthier!
I’ll attach some pictures!
Thank you again so much for our 2nd dog baby!

We would like to update you on Chompers, now called Pippin, whom we adopted in January 2018. We love him so much and feel so lucky to have him as a part of our family.His behaviour has been excellent: he rarely barks, he listens to commands, and has not had any accidents in our house. He is easygoing and content to join us for long walks, play fetch with his dad, or fall asleep with us on the couch watching a movie. He loves to make himself comfortable and snooze on a cushion, fuzzy blanket, lap, or anywhere there’s a sunbeam. He is getting spoiled rotten with toys, pets, and cuddles! He loves attention and enjoys going from lap to lap for cuddles when we have company over.Thanks so much for connecting us with Pippin! Adopting him is definitely the best decision we’ve made.Thanks,
Tonya and Jared


Thanks for all the great info. We have set up a crate for Oswald. But she has found a spot she prefers to lay which is on a blanket right beside the couch! She is little unsure of everything going on but one thing we have figured out is she loves to cuddle. We will put her on the couch and she will snuggle right up. When your petting her she is totally relaxed and if you stop she will look at you until you pet her again! She is the best!
She has been exploring her new home and enjoying her new space! We can’t wait to see who she becomes over time with getting more comfortable with her surroundings!Oswald at home


I think my name is Coco, but you might remember me as Petunia. I’ve finally settled in some more in the sky house in Edmonton. I sit on the back of the couch and the window ledge to watch the big city below. My new pack is allowed to pet me now. In fact, I think I’ll tell the male to stop typing and rub my belly now!

I like to be around my people now. So I have a bed in the living room and one in the office room to keep an eye on them. There was a long weekend recently and we got to spend a lot of time together! I got a bit confused after that because of the routine change. I whined at the door when the female left for work, I like her lots. I also like to bark at my toys when they fall off the couch. The wood floors here are slippery, so I don’t like it when the toys fall down there! I hear we’re going to get a rug though.

Going outside still gives me anxiety, but the weather has gotten warmer here, so in my jacket I try to be brave. We rode the silver box down a couple of times just to get used to it. In the last 5 days we’ve been using it to go down and then outside. At first, I was overwhelmed and very nervous. Yet, in the last 2 days I am starting to enjoy exploring on walks. When I see people I don’t know or other dogs, my people will pick me up if I ask them. I went to the park that is a block away and ran with my people. This might be pretty fun when it gets warm. I’ve only gone potty once outside and I got a treat. So maybe I can do that again? I prefer using the pee pad on the deck of the sky house.

I’m getting tired from all this dictation to the hooman male. I think I’ll go lie down in my cozy bed. Thank you for sending me with these hoomans, I am starting to enjoy it here. Of course, I miss you all as well!

with love, Coco (Petunia)


February 2018

Good Afternoon!


Its been just over a week now and I just wanted to send you a quick update to let you know how Tilly is doing.


She is settling in quite nicely and, while she is still somewhat timid if we move towards her too quickly and doesn’t like to walk on a leash outside yet (we will keep working on it 12), she loves her new family (people and pups alike) and is happy and content just to be around.  Conner has been feeding her by hand to try to help her trust him and I think it is definitely paying off!


She has found her favorite spot in the living room and loves to run and play in the dog run.  She play pounces in the mornings and when we get home from work/school and loves our evening cuddle time when we read in bed.  She seems to find comfort in our older dog (Daisy’s) presence and seems to be more confident and comfortable here every day!


I have attached few of my favorite pictures so far.  Thanks for bringing us the adoption option and have a great weekend!


Thanks for reaching out. We are settling into life with Lady (now renamed “Penelope”) well!

She’s a total sweetheart and a little bit vain. She enjoys staring at herself in the mirror, cuddles with Matt on the couch, and car rides with me around town. Her favourite places so far are under my desk and sleeping beside/just under our bed within arm’s reach of Matt.

 Thank you again for everything. We will keep you updated. For now here is a photo of Penelope and Matt!

Much love,


Lady at home

Some pictures of Torty being spoiled!

Blitzen and Melody at home!

A message from Blitzen and Melody’s mother!

Our first day together has gone very well.  Blitzen had one accident yesterday and once this morning but I think he was just marking his territory. No accidents with Melody.

The dogs get along well with each other. No food aggression or fighting over toys or bones.  Both dogs slept quietly in crates last night.

I believe Blitzen was a house pet before.  As soon as I opened the fridge he seemed to know that was where food came from and he was better than expected on a leash. He is supper cuddly and glued to me and once he learns what my boundaries are (ie you can’t be on my lap when I am eating and you don’t get table food 😀) he is going to be an amazing pet.

Melody was not as timid as I would have expected when we got home. I took out some toys and she actually played with a couple of them and was sniffing around the house and socializing with Blitzen. She was not nearly as reserved as she had been in the crate at Pet Smart.   As expected, she doesn’t know how to go up and down stairs and just froze when I took her outside on a leash. I did get her to walk on leash for a bit once I took Blitzen out with us.  He will be great to offer her direction.  When I need to pick her up to go up the stairs from my back yard or in my house she runs and cowers which is sad but she is already showing signs that she is going to trust me and I am optimistic that if I don’t push her she will have a very happy home here.

I will post pictures of us on your Facebook page once I introduce the dogs to my family members and someone can take a family pictures of us.

Thanks for making the trip to Calgary in such terrible weather so that I could adopt these two lovely pups.


January 2018
I wanted to give you an update on 4 year-old Daphne (I kept the name you gave her) who came home with me 6 months ago, at the beginning of December 2016. It was just 3 days after she had all her remaining teeth extracted, had her eyes examined confirming that she is blind, and was spayed. Naturally, it took a while for her to heal and show her personality.

Once her gums healed and toughened, she was comfortable eating hard food and prefers the taste of it mixed with a canned stew dog food. She loves the soft treats that I bake for her so I make sure there are always some available.

To find her way around my home, at first she sniffed along the baseboards and intentionally bumped into walls and furniture she used as landmarks. Over time she has mapped out the floor plan and more confidently walks between things. Occasionally I’ll find her expanding into the less-used spaces.

It was obvious that she had never been walked on a leash before. It took a lot of patience, encouragement, and enticing with treats to teach her to walk with me. It was particularly challenging during the winter weather. Now she happily follows me on daily walks, going steady for half hour or more. She’s comfortable now with the sound of cars and is okay with being sniffed by other dogs. She easily wins the hearts of the people who meet her.

She enjoys riding along in the car. A few times a week I take her for a walk along the river pathways at various parks in and around Calgary.
Daphne is smart, cuddly, and happy, and continuously gains more confidence. She is starting to experience life more like an average dog and seems to be enjoying it.
Thank you for bringing Daphne into my life!
Daphne june 5.pngDaphne june 5 2.pngDaphne june 5 3.png

I’ve been meaning to email you for months to let you know how Jeffrey is doing (his name has been changed to Emmett). We adopted him in July and couldn’t be happier! Emmett took awhile to adjust to his new home but he is doing very well. He loves his mom very much and loves to be cuddled. He is slowly learning to love his dad. Sadly, we are guessing that he wasn’t treated very well by a previous male owner which is why it is taking him so long to trust males. Emmett’s hair has grown and he has gained at least 1.5 pounds. He weighs a whopping 5.5 pounds now. When he first came to us, he was quite skinny and was somewhat reluctant to eat. This isn’t a problem now. He loves food and he gladly eats his breakfast and dinner each day. Emmett has two dog brothers. They have gotten to know each other and have become friends. As well, Emmett enjoys spending time with our son.
Thank you for the opportunity to adopt Emmett. We love him to bits!

I wanted to send an update on our two pups.
We adopted Minka “Veri” almost 3 years ago. When we brought her home she was so scared and timid that she spent several days hiding from us. I made sure I socialized her a lot , she has even had a couple of plane trips . Since  then she has developed such personality! She is so playful , silly , and loves to make herself heard. She also loves to be wherever I am and loves her fur brothers. She has become a wonderful part of our family.
This past July I happened to see a picture of Malone that had been posted. There was something about him that made me want to meet him right away. He was so scared and nervous that he did nothing but cower and shake every time we went near him. We are still working on his confidence( and house training) and he is learning to not be so scared when someone approaches him.
He loves to be outside; either going for a walk , running around the backyard or the dog park.
He also loves his fur brother and sister and they have taught him all about being a dog.
He follows me everywhere I go ,is curious about everything and loves to cuddle ( as long as it’s his choice of course )
 Malone is truly a sweet boy and I’m happy he has become part of our family.

Was Bumpas now “Massimo”
He’s starting to settle in… this morning he started responded to his new name, he’s eating well, mostly going outside :-), not so afraid of every sound, and following my wife around like a shadow. All good.

Thanks !


A Message from Vivi’s new family:

Hi Cares staff,

Vivi has been renamed “Kiki” (means “new beginning, fresh start”).

Kiki is settling in beautifully. Kass and I took her to our vet on Day 1 and she got a clean bill of health. She has been for several car rides and a few trips to pet stores to pick up supplies. She is a cheerful little girl who charms all who meet her.

Kiki is a good little observer and wants to please. We are focusing on potty training and teaching her her name. Both are going very well. She had two little accidents within the first 24 hours, but since then she has grasped the idea that the blue pad with the special spray on it is the ONLY place where she should go potty when indoors. She also “goes” outdoors but because she tends to not be a “talkative” dog, we will have to come up with a signal for her to tell us she wants to go “Outdoor Potty” (before we start weaning her from the indoor potty pads). The first day we had her in a pen in the kitchen when she was out of her kennel. Day 2 she earned part of the main floor hallway, next day more of that hallway, and now the living room. (She loves the couch.) We won’t give her freedom upstairs or in the basement until both Indoor and outdoor potty habits have been well established.

The first two nights she slept in a create on our bed, but since then she has slept under the blankets with us and loves it! She loves to cuddle. We got her a winter coat and a harness. As soon as she sees those, she comes running and once we put the garments on she sits patiently (as if glued) on the mat inside the front door until we leave the house. She LOVES to go outside.

She knows how to play with dogs but not how to play with people or stuffed animals so we are slowly teaching her those. She is getting the hang of both. We can tell by the way she looks at dogs when we are out with her that she really misses the company of dogs, so on January 2 we took her to Barker’s day care (where we used to take our last doggie). She loved it and they loved her! The staff said she played and played with the other dogs.

We started her on a good quality food and her coat is starting to develop a nice shine and also feels softer. We didn’t have any of the food you feed her to transition her slowly so she had to go cold turkey to the new food and luckily there has been no gastric upset so far.

We haven’t encountered anything yet that she is truly scared of, but she is slightly uneasy around the heat vents in the floor (takes a wide berth around them).

I hope that gives you a couple of snapshots of the first few days that this delightful little girl has been with us.


Hello & Happy New Year!
I just wanted to give you a little bit of a status update on Cooper. It’s been a while since we rescued Cooper from C.A.R.E.S but I just wanted to say thank you once again. And this time, I’m sending over some photos to you!

Cooper is improving every day. His anxiety is slowly calming and I think he’s finally gotten use to us at home. He’s wagging his tail and gets super excited when we come home from work these days. He sits with us on the couch, and eats with us but he has yet to figure out how to play.

We’ve had a few mishaps with him, and discovered he is a REALLY fast runner when he’s scared. Needless to say, he still has a lot of work ahead of him with over coming the final bit of his anxiety and he has a ton of training to do still!

Anyways, just thought I’d share a couple of photos with you guys, so you could see how Cooper is doing these days. Again, thank you so much for bringing Cooper into our livesCooper collage.png

 December 2017
Just thought I would give you an update on our Libby that we adopted just over a year ago.  She is doing very well and after a year is finally letting people touch and pet her.  She is still very fearful of some people but is definitely becoming a more confident and happy little dog!  She has settled in well with her brother Ryder and loves to sleep in front of the fireplace or bathe in the sunshine on the deck.
I have attached some pictures so that you can see how happy she is!
Thanks for all that you do!
Libby 1.JPGLibby 2.JPGLibby 3.JPG

Just thought I would let you guys know kuiper (andi) is doing great and really warming up to her new home. She loves playing with her sister comet and getting snuggled whenever possible!!Andi and.PNGandi.PNG

I adopted Maggie (small Yorkie cross) on November 22 and wanted to give you guys an update.

She is really doing great!! I renamed her Coco, and she and I had a huge breakthrough a week and a half ago when she discovered that she loves being held and cuddled. Took awhile for her to realize she was safe but when she did it was like a light switch being flipped on.
She is still nervous and fearful, mainly lacking in confidence when dealing with new situations and places but I am patiently working on that with her, and we will be taking some specialized training for traumatized fearful pups in the new year. She is also getting play dates with other dogs so she learns from them.

Coco is a really sweet little dog and her amazing little personality is emerging now. She lets me clip her nails, bath and groom her and loves modelling her growing wardrobe of outfits. Coco is starting to learn to play with her toys, and understands that doing so is preferable to digging up my indoor plants. She has also decided that my bed is the place to sleep on at night instead of her own, and feels confident enough to somehow stretch her 6 pound self out to claim 90% of my king size bed for herself.

I will keep you posted on how she is doing!Maggie home.jpg

 Maggie lap.jpg

From Brownie’s parents:
She has been great a few accidents here and there . Which is understandable. She is already starting to do her duty on puddle pads. Her trip from lacombe to grande prairie was great she did so well in the kennel. She met my ten year old chihuahua named max. They play together it’s so cute. We named her Eva. And she already knows sit and lay down. She is a great dog and has a lot potential to be ever greater with training. She has come a long ways in the past two days. I’m excited to see what the future holds for our family and Eva. Thank you so much for all you guys do at cares. You guys have the biggest hearts! I hope many more dogs get adopted to find their  furever home.

Some pictures of Gracie in her forever home!
Gracie 2.pngGracie 3.png

Just wanted to let you know Dolly Jean has settled it nicely, she is totally house broken, knows her name and will sit on command.
She is still working on her friendship with the cat but the Chihuahua is warming up to her.
She loves her crate and goes right to sleep every night.
We love her so much and can’t thank you enough for choosing us to be her Family.

Merry Christmas
Mark, Tanya , Hunter, and DollyDolly jean.pngDolly jean 2.png

I’ve been meaning to email you for months to let you know how Jeffrey is doing (his name has been changed to Emmett). We adopted him in July and couldn’t be happier! Emmett took awhile to adjust to his new home but he is doing very well. He loves his mom very much and loves to be cuddled. He is slowly learning to love his dad. Sadly, we are guessing that he wasn’t treated very well by a previous male owner which is why it is taking him so long to trust males. Emmett’s hair has grown and he has gained at least 1.5 pounds. He weighs a whopping 5.5 pounds now. When he first came to us, he was quite skinny and was somewhat reluctant to eat. This isn’t a problem now. He loves food and he gladly eats his breakfast and dinner each day. Emmett has two dog brothers. They have gotten to know each other and have become friends. As well, Emmett enjoys spending time with our son.
Thank you for the opportunity to adopt Emmett. We love him to bits!

May 12/17

January 15/17

Keller …now Sullivan/Sully is doing great, it is like he has always been here at the house,
He has settled right in, he is eating food and likes the occasion cheese treat
He has met the other dachshund that visits our house and they played all night
We spent the day walking around town and going into the pet stores to get him winter coat and chew toys

Loves his new bed, and enjoys long walks and his chew stick, sleeps though the night and loves running around the house and cuddles on the couch
He even did great for his first bath
He has had no ‘accidents’ Goes to the bathroom when he should
I have him getting his updated shots this week at Riverbend Vet clinic
As he and I are going to Phoenix for a week to enjoy the sun, we will do that in a while

I haven’t got any email with a sales receipt or the info on the health insurance, would you send that again please

And again, thanks, Sully is doing great and enjoying his new home


January 10/17


More updates on Casey !
 She is sure coming out of her shell and personality is definitely a quirky, although pretty laid back, one.
Her and Daisy have only gotten closer.  Found out she loves tearing apart balled up wrapping paper.  Ha ha.
We took her to BC to see Shaun’s family over the holidays and she travelled very very well.  Slept the whole way.  Did well at the inlaws place as well.  They have a massive dog (Newfie) and they got along great.
She still sleeps lots but wanders around exploring a lot more than in the beginning.  She has great muscle mass in her back legs now and has lost a few pounds.  The vet is extremely happy with her progress and development.  We have a long term plan of saving up some money to have her other eye removed to avoid complications in the future.
She’s learned what no, lay down and sit mean.  She’s only had a couple of accidents in the house.
We are extemely proud of her and very happy to have her in our lives.  She sure is a Daddu’s suck though. LOL.
Christina, Shaun, Casey and Daisy

January 10/17


I just wanted to give you an update on Maui who we adopted in December.  We renamed him Finnigan and he is the sweetest, gentlest little guy:)  He was very nervous when we first got home but we have another little chihuahua who is not much older than him and they are inseparable- always playing and sleeping curled up beside each other.
He loves treats and stuffed animals and carries them with him all over the house. We are still potty training (pee pad training)  him but he is doing very well and everyday is an improvement. He went to get his nails trimmed for the first time on the weekend and I was scared how he would react but the groomer said he was perfectly well behaved and didn’t make a peep. He is a sweet little guy who has brought us lots of happiness in a short amount of time.
I’ve attached some pictures of Finnigan and his new best friend.

Dec. 30/16



I just wanted to send an update on Simon (adopted Thanksgiving weekend).

Simon is doing well in his new home.  He is still working on socialization, but he is a real sweetie.  He is healthy and happy and keeping his family busy learning new games “like fetch me my toy and throw it for me, please”. He has a furry friend named Maggie, who is helping him learn some manners about doggie etiquette.  Simon loves to go for walks and is learning to enjoy the snow.  Attached is a picture of Simon on Christmas morning, visiting with extended family.

Best wishes to all for 2017!

December 16/16

Hi! Thought I would send you some updates pics of Frankie (she was Named Dilly when my sister adopted her). She’s doing wonderful in her furever home, and we celebrated her birthday yesterday. We’re so glad she came into our lives.

December 12/16


Here are some photos of the process and the final product. Isn’t he handsome!

Just letting you know he is doing good. He is relaxing and laying down mostly in a pen we have in our kitchen with a comfy blanket. He started playing with a toy today and he has been going to the bathroom outside and not in his area in the house! That’s a good thing!

December 10/16

Hello, Scott and Carol Walgren just giving a update on our dog Magic that we adopted back in January 9th 2016. We were hoping to come down and meet Magic on January 9th at the south side pets mart on the south side Edmonton, found out that the bus that transported them was unable to bring them down. We had phoned and found out, so we were so taken with Magic we went home and scooped up Olive our other dog and drove down to Cares. We haven’t regretted one minute of our time with our little Magic, she is very much a big part of our family and has become very attached to our other dog Olive. Just a reminder as you get so many dogs go through she is the double mural toy Australian Shepard born hearing impaired. Magic is quite the little wonder, she shows no sign of any disability we regularly go to the off leash park with no problems what so ever. Some people thinks she listens to commands better than our other dog lol she actually watches for hand signals. Anyway she has turned out to be  a very healthy beautiful dog that we worship every day and feel very blessed to have in our lives thank you Cares and your staff!

November 30/16

Boon will be with us for one year in December. He settled in quickly and has since become a very loyal companion. Boon has become an avid hiker and especially enjoys going for a swim! I can’t keep him away from water! He is so smart and is learning new skills and tricks all the time, and usually has them down pat in 1-2 days. He has many friends, both furry and human, but still can’t seem to befriend cats or anything that enjoys running from him. I can’t wait to continue our journey with him. He’s so full of personality, and occasionally likes to think he’s a small lap dog 😉

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have him in our lives. I hope everything is well!

November 30/16


Hello! I was just browsing through your page (as I frequently do ) and wanted to give you a probably long overdue update! This is Peanut (formerly Elliot). We adopted him almost 7 years ago! At the time, you didn’t know much about his age, or history. If I remember correctly, you gave him the name Elliot because when he came in, he didn’t have one! Peanut is a sweet and loving old man (as we came to find out when we brought him home) and I cherish all the time I have left with him! He has two doggy brothers and a horsey sister and he loves to run free any chance he gets! Thank you for what you do and I hope to come back again one day and adopt another dog in need!


Nov.  18th 2016

Hi Trina,
I hope you are doing well !

Casey (Bubbles) is fitting in well. Already she is coming out of her shell. No more cowering or getting low to the ground when we touch her.

She’s been groomed and pampered. She’s learning that touch = affection and that she is safe here. I can’t wait for her personality to bloom even more.

I’m attaching a couple of pictures for you ! The first one is just now after their dinner (she’s all groomed but hard to tell). Enjoy !


Sept. 2016

Hi,Janie, as we call her, is doing great!  She enjoys long, off-leash walks twice a day with her “big brother” Chester, lots of treats/bones and having naps on her designer dog bed.  Slowly she’s putting on weight and muscle, which is good.  Janie is getting over her anxiety for travelling as she travels everyday in one of our vehicles for walks and we take the dogs a lot of places, including camping.  She’ll even go to sleep in the back of the truck after a long walk! Life is good for her.  Over time she is showing more and more affection and she’s definitely a huge part of our family now.

I’ve included some pictures for you.
Take care


Sept. 2016
Hi Guys,
We wanted to send in an update about Kodi who we had join our family at the end of July this year.
We have a dog already named Jazzy so we brought her with us to meet Kodi, from the first time they met and including the drive home to Edmonton until now we have never had a negative experience between them. Even the first time we left him at home alone we put him in the bathroom with a baby gate just to keep him safe and when we got home Jazzy had jumped the gate and was keeping Kodi company in the bathroom 🙂 .
Kodi has grown a bit and has learned to love going for walks as a family, he is a very sweet boy but still likes to steal your socks and take them to bed with him if you leave them laying on the floor.
Again we can’t say how much joy he brings to us and just want to share with you guys.
Leo and Jan
Sept 13 th 2016
Hey there!
Here’s an update on Lux who’s new name is Willis!! He’s been doing absolutely fabulous with our family! He sleeps with me on my bed every night and cuddles with one of us while we watch tv in the evenings! Everyone who’s met him thinks he’s absolutely precious!! So glad we get to call him ours, we could not have found a more perfect dog for our family!!
Sam Pungo


I just wanted to thank you once more and let you know that Molly (my daughter can’t say that so we call her Eli hahaha) is doing just great!
It’s not even 24 hours since we brought her home and she is just our princess already!
Last night we had few peepee accidents and were taking her to the backyard every 40-50 minutes. She also “marked” few places in our house but that was more territorial than a actual need of going pee.

This morning she got a nice bath with Skoah (we use their products on our dogs for some time now) shampoo and hair conditioner and she took it like a champ!
We cleaned her face with special whipes we get at the vet and cleaned her ears a bit. She is very patient and let’s us groom her easily.
We also took her to the pet store and got her new colar, harness and delicious treat for being such a good girl.

Also vet had a very quick look at her today (we don’t want to stress her too much) and in couple week she will have a check up, dental and spine/back consultation 🙂

We are doing great!

Thank you!!!

Karolina Ciupinska

August 2016

Sorry  it took so long for an update! Hopper who’s new name is Hun Bun Bun Bun is doing great here as the newest member of our family 🙂 He really is a great bunny! He and our dog and our kids get along great!! Here’s a pic of Bun after an evening tummy rub 🙂 thanks again!!


Hope things are well at the shelter.😀Wanted to send you a quick update on Finn.  He is doing very well and has come a long way emotionally!  He has become very close to me, Heather.  Still a bit timid with Neil but we trust as time goes by that will go away.  Neil tries very hard to connect with Finn so we.are chalking it up to the possibility that Finn wasn’t treated very well by a man in his past.
Attached are some recent photos.  He looks a bit silly as he had to lose 10 more teeth due to periodontal disease. He only has 7 teeth left now since ao many were already gone when we got him from you.
Fyi we found out feom our vet that Finn
Is actually 6 or 7 years old!  It was a shock but probably best we didn’t know upfront.  We were looking for a dog that was no older than 5 and we likely would have passed him up.  He is meant to be ours and such a blessing.   Just thought you should know as your site said he was 12 months.  We noticed even the vet records we got with him put his shots at the 3 yr old mark.
Anyway he is happy and healthy and well loved!
Hope all your little critters get great homes.  Thanks again for saving Finn and all your volunteer hours 🐶🌈
Heather. Neil and Finnegan Skulski
P.S.  we had to take him to a trainer to learn how to go on walks, but now he is really good at them and loves to run even


The 3 bestfriends. A new name, for a new life. Previously Webster, now Smalls. A name so fitting for a small dog with a big dog personality
We adopted Gummy from you guys in Edmonton on August 11, 2013 and he’s been the most amazing little guy over this last year! Thaaaaanks! 😀
Thank you Kyla and everyone at CARES! We love little Hula to pieces!
Chive tucked himself into a corner after a big adventure to Edmonton and into his “furever” home. He is now curled up getting some zzz’s. More updates soon!!! Thanks to Kyla and the C.A.R.E.S. team today

“I know it’s been a while since I updated you on Pixie and maybe you don’t remember her.  We adopted her almost exactly 3 years ago. She is doing amazing. She was so timid when we adopted her but now she hardly shakes and new people don’t scare her anymore! She is my cuddle bug and loves going for walks and on the boat. We adopted another dog this past March, she’s a dachaund and bichon mix named Roxy. She is a wonderful addition as well. Pixie loves her and loves us so much. She is great health wise (just has a food allergy but she’s on special food and is much better) and is so happy that we finally have a large fenced in yard for the 2 girls to explore!

Thank you for what you do, because of you we have an amazing girl that has a great home where she is loved unconditionally and always will be! Here are some pictures from our recent family shoot, she is absolutely gorgeous and happy. (she’s the white one!)”
Pixie2   Pixie   Pixie3
“Just a little update on Johnson whom we adopted in August of last year! We just love him so very much. We just celebrated his third birthday…. And he really enjoyed his cake!”

“I can’t thank CARES enough for my little munchkin Co!  She is the sweetest little thing and learns more and more every day.  It definitely hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but that’s all part of us learning together.  She absolutely loves going for a swim, long play sessions at the dog park, cuddling, and lengthy air-conditioned car rides.  She’s a great little traveller and she fits in perfectly with my crazy, busy lifestyle.  I’m so glad that she chose me to be her forever family.  Thank you for everything!”

IMG_7311 IMG_7236 IMG_7176

“I just wanted to send another HUGE thank you to CARES for helping me find my new little sidekick, Daphne.

When I went to their adoption event a few weeks ago, there were so many other people just like me, looking for their new forever friends. That being the case, I am all the more appreciative of the amazing volunteers for making the time to answer all my questions and allow me the opportunity to spend time with the dog I was interested in meeting. Luckily for me, Daphne and I got along swimmingly and I was able to take her home!
She has turned out to be just the perfect dog for me. It’s only been a few weeks, but already I can’t imagine not having her around.
I really can’t give this organization and their volunteers enough praise. They do amazing work for both animals and their new families.
For anyone looking to adopt a new friend, I whole- heartedly recommend doing so through this organization. There are so many amazing animals just waiting for their perfect family to find them.
Once again, thank you. You have truly made this girl and her new dog extremely happy!



“Just wanted to update you on Oliver (previously Noah) who we adopted last year. He just graduated basic obedience and is doing wonderful! We have enjoyed discovering his goofy and loving personality and we love him so much!

“Update on little “Curley” from late February of this year…….  Now re-named TOBY. Happy, healthy, and bringing me endless love every day. He’s still so perfect, thank-you again CARES K9 Orphanage. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Toby says hello from Edmonton!!”


“Lexi has been the perfect addition to our little family. She is full of love to give and looks for love from anyone she comes in contact with. I can’t believe the amazing dog she has become. We love her more and more every day. She fits our lifestyle absolutely perfect and we both look forward to coming home to see her bum wag full speed when we walk through the door. She goes everywhere that we do and everyone that she meets instantly falls in love with her. We love to spoil our girl and she deserves it so much. She makes sure she is the center of our attention at all times and we can’t wait to experience more firsts with her this summer at the cabin. We quickly had her trained that the couch is where she gets the most cuddles, and now when she doesn’t get her fill of cuddles, she is jumping on and off the couch while looking at us making sure we know what we’re missing. J She sits just like a human and throws her head back and forth when she wants more love. The smiles that she brings to our lives are something we don’t think any other pup could do. We are so lucky that K-9 Country Orphanage had this rare gem that we welcomed into our family with open arms.”


‘Hello there! Joey who is now Merlin has been settling just like a true family member. His new four-legged sister Sophie has welcomed him in and they were playing within 10 minutes of him coming home. His new two-legged siblings are enjoying him as well. He has also learned some new commands and loves everyone he has met on his walk. Thanks so much for the opportunity to take him home and to give him a new start. He loves the 100ft. by 120ft. backyard too!”

“This is Abbie with her sister Lucy (right). Abbie loves her sister and her new home. She is comfortable now in her new environment and has allowed her personality to shine through.  She loves to play and get treats and is full of energy.  Her favorite toy is a stuffed alligator, which she usually brings onto the couch to chew on.  She has had a few ‘accidents’ in the house, which is to be expected, but she gets better everyday.  Abbie is a wonderful addition to our family and we don’t know what we would do without her now.  She always reminds us that she gets a treat when she comes in from outside if we forget!!  She enjoyed Christmas and all of her presents.

Thank you for all that you do for these wonderful souls (Abbie came over to the laptop and would also like to say thank you again). LOL!!

Take care – and we will send updates to you peiodically if you would like.

Cindy, Jessie, Abbie and Lucy”


“I thought I should send you an update on little Dano, now known as Gio.   If you remember I adopted him on Sunday, November 7, 2010. During the ride home from Lacombe to Calgary, he seemed pretty quiet and unsure of what was going on. He remained pretty quiet for the next day or so, however, as the time went I noticed a dramatic change in him – all to the better of course. He now loves to play, he even plays fetch when he feels like it! When he is done playing he takes all this little toys and puts them in his little dog house.  He is pee pad trained from pretty much day 2 or 3 of his arrival. He has  about three different beds/houses around the apartment but his favorite day time sleeping place is on the couch and the night time of course in my bed.  He is the most adorable dog and a very good one if I may say so. During numerous visits to friends he behaved well and used his little pee pad when he needed to go…Everyone is amazed as to how quickly he learned what and where to do. He is also free to run around the apartment when I am at work with a choice of staying in his crated area where he has a little kennel, however, as I said earlier, he prefers to sleep on the couch.  He recently received a hair cut so of course he does not look the same anymore but I think even cutter.  Thanks again for posting such a great little photo of him on the website! It caught my attention and stole my heart : )

Kind Regards,




Update: We adopted Twink “now Sophie” last year at the adoption event at Calgary Trail Pets Mart. It took us 3 hours to decide who would be our forever Dog. We loved Sophie. Her looks, vibe and the attitude made us fall in love with her. She is doing great. She loves to cuddle and play with toys. She loves our son. When it’s time to wake up our son she will be the first one to jumb on his bed. She loves to be the center of attention. She has been on many road trips. This summer she will be going on her first camping trip. For Halloween she was the little devil. She still sleeps in the kennel. She has to take her stuffed dog and moose to bed with her. She loves to have baths. But she gets offended when a rabbit is at our door step lol We want to thank you for taking care of these animals and good luck with everything you do. Who knows we might be getting a second forever pet in the future from CARES CANADA.

Dexter 1

Almost 5 years ago, my boyfriend(now husband) and I were looking to adopt our first pet together. We came across your rescue and there happened to be a litter of puppies born after their mom had been brought in by a breed specific rescue. The pups were designated as chihuahua/Boston terrier mixes and were unbelievably cute! We adopted the rowdiest, chubbiest boy of the litter. Dexter is the spunkiest, friendliest, most comical and loving guy around and our lives are exponentially better with him in it! He no longer looks like a chihuahua/Boston terrier mix, but his breed is still a question mark which is always a great conversation starter! Thanks so much to you guys for all that you do.
Hayley, Dan & Dexter

Tenda 1

Just wanted to update you on Tenda. She is slowly coming around but still a frightened little girl. She has had her first grooming and looks beautiful. I love her to pieces. Thank you.
Michelle Hansen

Quiche 1

We adopted Quiche the beautiful boston terrier at the end of May. We re-named her Zoe. She was a very shy little girl when we first saw her at your property. Hayley (who was great with us) said she hadn’t really warmed up to anyone but us so we adopted her that day. Zoe has blossomed into such a fun dog with a great personality. Her confidence grows more everyday. Her favourite things are playing in the backyard and sleeping in laundry baskets. We are so thankful that we found her! Thanks Cares Canada K9 Orphanage and Hayley!


My cute doggies on the couch with me at home. smile emoticon Thanks to Cares Canada K9 Orphanage. Two more like this are still waiting for adoption!


This is Philly… formerly “Spud” whom I adopted back in May. He is such a sweet and cuddly guy. He is great with my other dog, and cat. Easiest dog I’ve ever crate trained/house trained. He is a quick learner, and definitely keeps me on my toes. As he is approaching the 10 month mark, he is testing my patience for sure. lol… he thinks he is the biggest dog around. Such a cocky little guy! But look at that smile… he is worth it! smile emoticon I’m putting him in an obedience class this month to help him stay focused with distractions, and to be more of a gentlemen when meeting new dogs/people. He is pretty sure everyone loves him, and that they all want to be his best friend. lol. He makes me laugh everyday with his silly personality. Thank you for rescuing him, and bringing him into my life!


Midas is the gold one, he was originally named Fred. He loves his big brother Odin and get lots of love thank you all for the great things you do for our furry friends!

Tetley 3

China ZoeycHINA

Just thought I’d write to update you on our Zoey aka China. She’s been ours for about a year now and doing great! Thankyou so much for all you do to for these dogs! Here is a picture of her and some friends!

Henry (Tetley) is adjusting well and is loving to rip around in the grass. Doesn’t seem to mind his collar one bit smile emoticon

Lindsey 2Lindsey

So happy to keep you guys posted on the little lives you save! You can go ahead and use any of the photos! Thanks again for all you do!

Happy Crew

Finnegan aka “Pickle” is adjusting wonderfully at home with us!! He is such a sweetheart!!!
Introduced “Webster” to the pack out here…welcome to your new life. Full of belly rubs, adventure hikes and lots of other doggies!
Finnegan aka “Pickle” is adjusting wonderfully at home with us!! He is such a sweetheart!!!
Milo aka “Foster” is doing great! He is a little ball of energy, once he got comfortable with the new house he opened up and loves to play! We love our silly goose with the wicked Mohawk!
My two little buddies – Wilson (bottom – now with us for 12 days) and Mini – getting ready to help Mommy bake a quiche. Each day they like each other more and more.
April 16
Lu Lu
Hello, I just thought I would write to give some updates on little LuLu, her and I are quite a team, she comes everywhere with me, she plays ball hockey with us, she has been the best part of my life in a long time! She is the sweetest girl, and her and I are doing just fine! Once we got used to going to the bathroom outside, and just little things like walking on a leash, at first she was very timid of anyone else but me, but now whenever we have company she is the first to give licks! And cozies up to everyone! I’m so thankful to have Lulu in my life, and can’t wait until
The weather gets better so we can go boating and swimming at the lake! I went to your shelter with all intention of getting a puppy, and I left with the sweetest pup in the world, I’m so glad her and I found each other and she never ever has to feel alone again! All is well here! Thank you so much!

Attached are some photos :)! The first one being after her spa day, Haha she had her nails done, bathed, and ears cleaned.. And they gave her a hanky! I have tonnes of pics but these are just a few! She no longer knows what sleeping in a kennel is like, as you can see I’m usually her pillow haha she’s doing wonderful! So much improvement in a short time!Ruckus

“This is Lilly! Formerly “Ruckus ” she has adjusted very well with our family and is a very very good dog! She’s very sweet and is spoiled to death”
China 2
“Thank-you for the heart fuel:)”
“Veri” now “Minka”, is loving the pampering in her new home. Her family sent us a photo of her. Her dreams have more than come true.
  I thought I’d give you the update on Charm. Me and my family and friends are just so in love with her! I’ve decided to name her Lady as she kind of reminds me of Lady from ‘Lady and the Tramp’ both in appearance and attitude. Anyways we are all so impressed how far she’s come in just a short time…..she is so much calmer and appears to be very happy and settled in her new home. Her favourite place is by the fireplace when it’s on. She is still a bit stand off-ish when approached but when you pick her up and pet her and cuddle her she couldn’t be happier. She also loves running around the yard….she can really get going fast and she likes to jump over some rocks in the yard and she looks like a little flying fluff ball lol. We are just so pleased with her and she is getting lots of love and attention from everyone she meets. Thank you so much for saving that little sweetheart….we are so lucky to have her!
I’ll send you some pictures of her in another email 🙂
Thanks again, and take care!
An update about Indigo- adopted July 2014. He is the sweetest dog and is doing extremely well!! We love him to bits ♥
“Just wanted too share a updated picture of Pint, He is doing very well, and we are more than happy with him, he has been a great addition to our house hold.”
“Hi! Just wanted to send a few updated pictures of Franklin! Thank you again so much for rescuing our little monster!”
Thank-you Lynne Speed for getting this little man for taking him into your home, bringing him to a healthy state and all your love an care.
Tessa is adapting to the barrel racer life! Wanted to go for a ride on Pepi so she got her wish.
hONEYHoney 2
Hi, Hope you remember Honey,now EllieMay
We are happy to Welcome JANUARY 3 years old and LYAN (Lion) 4 years old to the family. We fell in love the minute we saw them at C.A.R.E.S Canada K9 Country Orphanage. What amazing staff of volunteers.
Update of my adopted Cares baby, BamBam! He is a happy healthy boy, about the size of a pony these days. 🙂 He hogs my bed and my heart. He loves to play with his cat brother BattleCat & he is especially fond of my little nieces and nephews. He’s never met a dog that he hasn’t gotten along with and he shares is good and toys… He is the happiest and most beautiful dog in the universe. This is him riding to the dogpark and to visit the horses
RockoRocco says hi
Rocco meeting our son… I think they bonded lol 🙂
We had an amazing time getting to know Kyla and all of the adorable adoptables at CARES last evening. Kyla was welcoming and warm, knew so much about the dogs, and encouraged us to spend lots of time with the dogs we were interested in to see who fit us best. We were so lucky to meet Noah (now Ollie) and we are enjoying getting to know his zany personality.
Thank you Kyla for everything you do for these dogs. And thank you for our new furbaby

Do you have a CARES adoption story that you would like to share with us and all the potential adopters out there? They absolutely make our day, so please do send your story on over by using email or the form below!